Vino Queso

Process and Style: A cooked curd goat cheese, done in the manchego style, infused in red wine, aged for 6 weeks. Flavor Notes: Hard cheese with favorable sharp cheese taste. Uses: Great for eating as a standalone and slicing, such as with fruit for an appetizer


Process and Style: A washed curd style of cheese, made in the gouda style, with our farmstead milk. Hand-dipped in wax and matured for 2 months. Flavor Notes: Very mild and creamy, melts well. Uses: Versatile use; excellent for slicing, shredding and melting.


Process and Style: A ripened goat cheese in the brie style, dry salted with vegetable ash. Flavor Notes: Slightly salted outside with a creamy interior (softer interior with time) Uses: A versatile cheese that is great by itself, but also goes well with cooking to make a stronger flavor such as with scalloped potatoes, creamy…


Process and Style: This cheese is done in a Brie style which ripens and then aged for a few weeks. Flavor Notes: Creamy buttery beginning with snappy tangy finish which increase with extended aging. Uses: A tangy addition to cheese tray, enjoyed baked in a crust orĀ  divide cheese spread nuts, fruit in center and…


Process and Style: Produced in the feta style; dry salted and aged for 5 days. Flavor Notes: This fresh cheese has a slight tang that highlights the natural lipase of our farmstead goat milk. Uses: Great for crumbling such as in salads and pasta, or cutting in olive oil and herbs for an appetizer.

Princess Pride

Process and Style: Rocky Oaks soft goat cheese made in the process of a Chevre. Flavor Notes: A very creamy, spreadable cheese that highlights the fat content of our farmstead goat milk. Hint of citrus essence for a delightful highlight of flavor. Uses: Great for spreading, such as on crackers and toast. Blends well with…