The Team

Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery® is only able to provide the highest quality hand-crafted goat cheese possible due to the hard work of our dedicated team of artisans, producers, and help staff.

The Artisans

Joel and Margie Weber founded Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery® with the goal to stay small. They understand that high quality, hand-crafted, farmstead goat cheese that lives up to the high standard that they aim for can only be accomplished if made in small batches, with careful attention to each step of the process. They’re pleased so long as the product lives up to the high standards they’ve set, the customers are thoroughly enjoying the cheese, and the goats are happy.

Though Joel and Margie founded and manage Rocky Oaks together (and both equally love the goats as well as the cheese), Margie is the primary artisan responsible for making our fine foods.

The Help



Earl (2)




Blake and Barbara


Rhiannon and Teresa.

Rhiannon enjoys making cheese and knowing what is exactly in it. She is a true lover of cheese.

Teresa tries not to think of all the chemistry of cheese making while making cheese but just relax and enjoy cheese making.

“Our deliciously rich flavors signify the authenticity and creativity we embody at Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery®, and we enjoy sharing our unique, hand-crafted goat cheese with people in our community who recognize quality, freshness and true passion.”